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Recognized throughout the world, Energy is committed to its core values ​​based on ethics, responsibility and integrity, in order to exceed the expectations of its customers, always focusing on excellence in the packaging and distribution of its products.

Currently, Energy has a wide sugar portfolio which includes Extra Fine, Refined, Crystal, Demerara and Organic, in the most diverse types of packaging, ranging from 500 g to 50 kg.

Energy is able of serving different types of customers, both in the retail and industrial markets.

The company has its own packaging plant within its distribution center located in a strategic region in the countryside of São Paulo and manages its exports directly from its own terminal in the Port of Santos. In addition, Energy is one of the few Brazilian companies with ISO 22000 and HACCP certification that guarantees food safety, thus establishing itself as a leading company in the world sugar export market.



To feed the world and be a global company, recognized and admired in the market.


Exceed customer expectations, adding versatility to the product, with a focus on excellence in the supply of sugars.


Ethics, responsibility and integrity; Commitment to people; Reliable food (Food Safety).



To maintain the path of always satisfying the needs of consumers, Energy opened in 2012 its production unit together with its own CDE (Energy Distribution Center), with a monthly packaging capacity of more than 20,000 tons of sugar and storage of another 30,000 tons.

Strategically located between the sugar-producing regions in the countryside of São Paulo and the port of Santos, the Energy Distribution Center has technologies that allow for much smarter and more effective management, displaying its capacity and commitment to quality.

This makes Energy the first Brazilian trading company with its own sugar packaging plant. Therefore, we add even more value to our respected customers within the complex sugar supply chain, from producer to final consumer.