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Services and Private Label


In addition to packing its own sugar, Energy has also invested and specialized in packing its products with private label packaging. In other words, companies that do not have an industrial park can count on all the technology of the CDE - Energy Distribution Center - to pack their products.

In this way, the products are shipped ready to your customers, placed directly at your local supermarket shelves, displayed in the label of your choice.

All processes are based on customer needs, allowing for smooth and intelligent management.


First-class packaging

All our products are packed at Energy’s own packing plant and can be found in different sizes, from 500 g to 50 kg.

Traceability and reliability

Energy manages its own terminal in the port of Santos and has a strategically located Distribution Center.

Assured Quality

Energy has ISO 22000, HACCP, Kosher and FDA registration certificates, which prove the quality and safety of its products, also complying with the supply-chain global guidelines.